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The ICO market is growing every day. Every day an average of 20 projects are launched. But unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer tools to promote the startups, frequently the in-house marketing is not able to bring the idea to investors and spends all the funds in the very beginning of the project without any outcome. Regulation of the ICO market indiscriminately limits the ability to raise funds both for the scam projects and for truly worthwhile projects which can and willing to implement their projects.

But why will no one make a move to limit the advancement of the scum projects? Why do the investors still become victims of a fraud anyway? It is obvious that restricting the advertising is just setting the barriers to developing ICO projects.

Everyone wants only to be enriched using the new opportunity. The channels of promotion are sold to the projects with any reputation. There are either the listings on the market where the evaluation of the project is not always fair enough or the listings whose conclusions could be bought by anyone.

Makvins proposes to save time and money in order to reach investors. First of all, we examine the project through our own methodology and provide with promotion only the projects were approved by our group of experts. Makvins aims to change the market situation for both sides for ICO as well as investors. We want to show the transparent projects to investors, and really assist to those who are worth investment. We are willing to help high-quality projects and investors to find each other.

Makvins has been working on marketing and PR at the ICO market since 2016. Initially, it was founded as a marketing agency, but then we decided to focus on ICO projects and to introduce the best of them to investors. Once we conducted the assessment and analysis, there was decided to make it published. Such way we've come to a unique niche, where every piece of information is transparent for everyone. Makvins is the marketing guarantee for its partners. We treat seriously our reputation, thus we won't invest our resources in scam projects and this is our cornerstone.

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